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The Asheron's Call Discord channel is equipt with numerous custom commands including !joinserver followed by your favorite Asheron's Call server name or initial, Asheron will then automatically add you to the server channel. We also have !serverstatus available which will let you know which emulars are currently online.


Explore Dereth

Thanks to the amazing group of people who spent the last few weeks of gameplay data mining Asheron's Call, you now have the opportunity to venture through any dungeon and any landscape throughout all of Dereth! Don't forget to check out the anniversary party dungeon and dance with some of the hip dj'ing tuskers!



Don't want to run from point A to point B? No problem! Don't want to venture around naked with no loot? Don't you worry! Have you ever wanted to shoot a cow out of a wand? That part is covered too! The list of commands for the emulatos are growing lengthier everyday! Hop in and use them to create a new story on Dereth.

Play the emulator to create your own unique story

Go anywhere, spawn anything, and be anyone you want.
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Option 1: Use your current acclient.exe file

Make a shortcut of your current acclient.exe file > Right click shortcut > Click 'Properties'. Under 'Shortcut' tab add -h [Address]:[Port] -a username:password outside of the quotes of your acclient.exe location. Change [Address] to one of the following servers and [Port] to its corresponding port. (Example: "C:\Games\Asheron's Call\acclient.exe" -h -a JohnDoe:pass1) View all servers

arrow_drop_down Pea's Test Server
arrow_drop_down Megaduck Server

Option 2: Install an emulator launcher

Thanks to some very dedicated members of the communtity, logging into the emulators has become even easier and dumbed down. Choose one of the launchers below, install it, and launch! It's literally that simple. Warning: The launchers might upset your computer's antivirus software, but they're safe to use! View All Launchers

PhatAC Launcher by cMoski
ThwargLauncher by Thwargle

Option 3: Create your own server

This option takes a much more extensive understanding of computer engineering and knowledge. These videos will lay a good foundation to get you started in creating your own Asheron's Call emulator. Check the Downloads page if you need any files.