Installation Instructions

Step 1: Download Installer
  • Right click the installer and run as admin. Do not change the default install path.
Step 2: Replace DAT Files
  • The DAT files are in a zip file. Download and unzip these files.
  • Copy and paste these files into your Turbine > Asheron's Call folder, replace all.
Step 3: Download Launcher
  • Right click the installer and run as admin. Do not change the default install path.
  • Click "edit servers" in the bottom left corner, and "add servers" at the bottom of the pop up.
  • Fill in the server information.

Featured Servers:

Reefcull (PvE): Request details

Hightide (PvP): Request details

Step 4: Account Creation
  • Please start out with no Decal. You can add it after logging into the game for the first time.
  • Switch to "simple view" in the bottom right corner.
  • If the server list is empty, restart your launcher.
  • Type in the user name and password you want to use. No special characters, capitals or spaces!
  • Click "launch" in the bottom right corner to connect and automatically create the account.
  • Please write down or save your login info. It is hashed in the server database and cannot be retrieved.
Step 5: Character Creation
  • If the game closes with no error message, you probably have Thwarglauncher in "advanced view."
Step 6: Window Mode
  • In Windows 10, fullscreen often causes a DX9 popup error when entering the world.
  • At the character selection screen, hold Alt + Enter to change to window mode.
  • This may result in a tiny window. Ignore this for now and click "enter."
  • Once you have successfully logged in, you can increase your window size.
  • Press F11 and go to Config tab > scroll down midway to Graphics Options > resolution
  • Click the drop down and select the highest number at the bottom to fill the screen.
  • Click "yes" on the pop up to apply.
  • Log out, and your selection should save.

Featured Servers



Request Info



Request Info



Request Info

► Want your server listed? Let Kloud know on Discord! Please note, your server must have a  Discord setup to be listed.