Community Resources

Content Minions

► Commented JSONs 

Every Feb 2005 object, legible to human beings!


Public repository compatible with GDL and DF.

► Weenie Properties 

Comprehensive spreadsheets for all emulators.

► Packet Logged Data 

OptimShi's object search and model viewer.

► Landblock /locs 

Every dungeon for /teleloc on test servers.

Emulator Gits

► GDL Enhanced

See "Activity" to watch progress.

► Classic Dereth

Dekaru's GDL fork, which GDLE expands.

► Gamesdeadlol

Pea's original, as of 8/2017 end of development.

► Dereth Forever

ACE fork with support for GDL content.

► ACEmulator

C# emulator in active development.